Passion For Design

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” -- Jeffrey Zeldman

Design is very important part of a business, Aside from my great attention to detail, I pride myselves on our problem-solving capabilities. While other people might grow flustered in the face of design challenges, I look at these challenges as opportunities to prove our expertise in the discovery of unique solutions. I enjoy utilizing our vast resources to solve unusual problems. I also pride myselves in providing state of the art in web services. I continually do research to stay up to date with the current trends of the internet. As the same I creatively work towards different and new design and styles. I employ cutting-edge designs. I am well rounded and dedicated to your project. I am great at meeting deadlines and goals. I love success stories and helping you become successful. That is my passion.

Flash Sites

Here Are Some Of The Many Flash Sites I Have Done Over The Years

Interactive Piano

This Flash site is a interactive mini piano. It has real piano key sounds and rollover buttons.
A very simple fun flash site to play with

Wedding Site Introduction

This a flash site intro for a wedding back in 2009. This was part of the bride and grooms wedding site for there guest, that i made for them. The couple took there site down after a year.

New Aged Car Intro

This flash site was made to show case the new car of 2009. This shows three big car and a detail description about them. It was a lot of fun to make and people enjoyed this site lot